Welcome to my tiny corner of the Web. This site contains all the Freeware software I have developed over the past 20 or so years. Most of the apps are for 32-bit Windows and would probably only be of interest to Windows developers, however there are also a few apps for more general consumption.

Some of the stuff here, such as that for 16-bit Windows and DOS, is ancient and probably of no interest to anyone, but you never know what people find useful, hence the reason why I have included some trivial DOS programs and even my unfinished projects. It is my attempt to give something back to the development community, even if that "something" is how not to do it nowadays.
Latest Releases
23/04/2017 DDE Command v1.6 [Win32] Release Notes
29/03/2016 Farm Monitor v0.2 [Win32] Release Notes
17/01/2015 SQL Server Unit v1.6 [SQL] Release Notes
26/07/2013 DDE COM Client v1.1 [Win32] Release Notes
Work In Progress
01/02/2012 sql2doxygen [PSH] v0.2 Alpha [10 K] Manual
08/12/2011 SS-Cop [SQL] v0.1 Alpha [33 K] Manual
06/10/2010 PQT [Win32] v1.5 Beta [519 K] Screenshot
Windows Compatibility
Most of the 32-bit applications were developed and tested under Windows 9x, 2000 and XP and the underlying framework started out on Windows 3.x. My aim has always been to try and keep as much compatibility with the various 32-bit OS's as possible.

Nearly all the applications use the older technique of storing their settings and data in files in the application folder, a model which does not work well with Windows XP and the Program Files folder (Vista and later has a workaround). Consequently if you are not running as an Administrator (and you should try not to) you will need to install it to a folder other than Program Files. I will be correcting the applications when I can to use the %APPDATA% folder instead for data, and allow the choice of Registry or .ini files for program settings.
Binaries are available for virtually everything with the more recent releases packaged as an MSI installer. I'm also returning to providing a classic .zip file once again for those who prefer manual installations. Prior to the use of MSIs you will just find the binaries packaged in a .zip file with possibly my own simple, custom installer.

The native applications are all linked statically and use my own framework so there are no additional dependencies like the VB, MFC or .NET runtimes. The only dependency is on the common controls DLL (COMCTL32.DLL) of which you need at least v4.71 which shipped with IE 4.

All the Win32 applications are available as both a Release build and a Debug build. You should always follow the Download (or ZIP) link and install the Release build; the Debug build is only of use if you experience a problem and you'd like to help me try and fix it.

The Java applets are all JDK 1.1 based and should run on any JVM.
Source Code
The source code is available for everything I've written, so if you want to tinker or fix a bug then you can. Alternatively, if you want to use some of this code in your own then feel free to do so, but you should be aware that I do not consider this Production Grade code.

The C++ framework is my own creation and has a long heritage which pre-dates templates (as far as Visual C++ support goes). Hence you will find non-STL style containers in the older code and other reinventions of the wheel rather than use of, say, the Boost libraries. This is because of a number of reasons - compiler support, licensing issues, paradigm shifts and the simple fact that a good way to learn is to do-it-yourself. That said, I intend to refactor as much as possible with STL equivalents as and when I can.

Project/Solution Format

From February 2008 all C++ source archives come as Visual C++ 7.1 (VS2003) projects and solutions with Unicode set as the default build type. The code should however still build as ANSI and is checked with Visual C++ 8.0 (VS2005), 9.0 (VS2008) and 10.0 (VS2010) - albeit the Express editions. I also alternate between STLport 5.x and the native VC++ STL to try and maintain STL compatibility.

The non-COM libraries and some non-COM applications are also built as ANSI with GCC 4.x (via the Code::Blocks IDE). You will find a Code::Blocks .workspace file and various .cbp files alongside the Visual C++ .sln and .vcproj equivalents. The Code::Blocks files are not always perfectly in sync though.

Prior to February 2008 you will find Visual C++ 7.1 solutions back to about August 2004 and before that the Win32 solutions are Visual C++ 6.0 based. The Java solutions come with a Visual J++ workspace, the Win16 code comes with a Visual C++ 1.52c solution and the DOS tools come with an NMAKE makefile.

Latest Code vs. Stable Snapshot

The latest version of the source code for any projects I actively maintain can be found on GitHub here: Most projects contain a file in the root called DevNotes.txt that provides details on the source folder structure, dependent git library repos to clone, build scripts, etc.

If you're looking for the last stable source code for any application you will find a snapshot of everything you need (app + libs + tests + scripts) in the application's "Source" .zip file on this web site. Whilst there are tags in the GitHub application repos, there is no equivalent tag in the dependent library repos and so you'd have to find the nearest relevant commit by date to find the matching library code.
None of the code here is tied to any particular sort of licence. The only "legal framework" I have any interest in is one of common sense. As such I hope you will abide by Wheaton's Law.

If you do find something of interest, either by using one of the apps or some of the source code in your own projects I would be grateful if you could drop me a line. It's always nice to hear that I've done something of use to others, no matter how small. Also, if you upload a binary or code to another site please let me know as I can then notify you and them of new releases.
I hope you're not looking for one of these either, because it also doesn't exist. All the code on this site is supplied without any guarantees whatsoever. If I've done a decent job you shouldn't experience any problems, but I have to cover my back and warn you that only get what you pay for...
Whilst all the tools and code on this web site are made available for free, if you do wish to make a small donation (no matter how tiny) to show your appreciation then please feel free to do so :-).

Some of this software could not have been written without the time and resources of others, and so here is a big thank you to the people who have contributed to my efforts. Most notable have been Ian Masters, Steve Sorrell, Mark Woolcott, Graham Corless and Rusty Biggs.
I have a blog which provides some more background information on the applications and source code on this website and for other general ramblings. It can be found at
I am happy to receive any feedback you have, whether it be bug reports, bug fixes or suggestions for new features. My email address is

Chris Oldwood