Sudoku Solver v1.0
This applet is an aid to help solve Sudoku puzzles. It provides the ability to enter multiple numbers into each cell to make it easier to track the possible answers, and has a 'hint' and 'solve' feature to help you when you're stuck on the harder puzzles. It also means you don't need a pencil and rubber...

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Example Puzzles: Puzzle 1  Puzzle 2  Puzzle 3  To use one of the puzzles click "Load" and paste the puzzle text into the dialog that is displayed.
Java Logo v1.0
This applet is a sort of IDE for Visually creating "Logo" type programs. It only resembles Logo though because you control a turtle. It supports some basic drawing stuff like pen control and forward/turning motions. It also supports loops and named variables (of type double) to allow you to produce vaguely interesting patterns. To get around the lack of access to the file system, the program can be stored and loaded by cutting/pasting from/to the source editor window.

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Example Programs: Box  Star  House  To run them, paste the program source into the source editor window, which is accessed by pressing the "Edit..." button in the "Program" controls section.
Image To Source Code Converter v1.0
This applet loads an image file and converts the image pixels into a series of int values that can be pasted into a static int array defined in a class. For an example look at the class in the framework.

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Example Image: icons.gif  Enter the filename into the edit box at the top left and click "Load". Then click "Convert...", enter the options and press OK. You will see the source appearing in the lower text area.
Java Framework Classes
These packages contain all the classes that are common to my Java applets. Currently it only contains UI classes for creating message boxes and modal dialogs. The message box is styled to look like a standard Windows one.

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