Task Tracker v2.0
This is a simple tool for keeping track of the hours you spend at work on various projects. You clock in and out during the day and associate a short phrase with each block of work. At any time you can run a report which shows your hours grouped by week, month or task and it sums them up based on the grouping. The report can be viewed, printed or saved to a file or the clipboard. I wrote it whilst contracting.

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HelpFile Generator v1.0 [Alpha]
This is a simple IDE for generating application HelpFile (.HLP). You create the HelpFile topics, specifying keywords etc and when you invoke the build command it generates the .RTF and .HPJ files and calls the WinHelp compiler for you. This application is unfinished.

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A simple application which closes another application by sending it a WM_CLOSE. The window class name and optional title are specified in the KillApp.ini file.

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NetWare Mail Tosser
This application delivers emails to users' mailboxes on a NetWare 3.x server, where the emails have been downloaded to a single folder using something like KA9Q or WinPMail. It is configured using an .ini file, where you can set the incoming mail folder, mail server name and any aliases. This requires nwcalls.h and nwcalls.lib from the NetWare SDK to build it.

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Windows C++ Library
This is the core library that some of my applications rely on to provide the basic C++ classes to wrap the WIN16 API. It is my equivalent of the MFC library.

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Mono Display Adapter Library
This library (.DLL) provides an API for drawing on a Monochrome Display Adapter. These were often used as a secondary display on which you ran a debugger, such as CodeView. The archive includes a sample application called RscMon which shows the current Memory and GDI usage as a couple of bars.

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